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Dear friends,

Hello. I hope this finds you well and happy. I felt it time to share a correct version of my lyrics and briefly outline elements of my musical interactions for verity’s sake. I have been writing poetry since the age of 12, as for music from early childhood I sang and danced to it, then learned to play it on piano and guitar. In my 20s I started singing my poems, thus mixing my love of music and words to write lyrics and melodies.

Besides music, in my adult years I developed a keen interest in the past and became a student of the human narrative from days gone by in the wonderful field of archaeology. Music and poetry nourish my soul. I hope to and will continue sharing this passion. Studying human pasts for better comprehension of our lives today has enriched my mind, leading on a journey that has bought me closer to Iran, delighting my spirit.

Over the past decade I have been engaged in studying the heritage of Iran and more recently in promoting its rich culture. My research is mostly centred on the destruction of heritage due to conflict in the Near East and the future implications for the people and the remnants of their histories. My work revolves around promoting the wondrous heritage of the Near East, through curating cultural events that celebrate the region’s multilayered history and contemporary creativity.

Leighton House Museum 2011

Years of exile, interspersed with visits since 1999, especially since returning our parents to lay there in peace, have impacted me considerably. Our mother lies with her mother and our father, a patriot and political activist, we returned secretly.
The past and present are tied up in knots and the only thread dangling on the side is the knowledge of what terrible students we are, not learning more from our greatest teacher - The Past.