Roya Arab

Iranian Musician and Archaeologist

Persian Theatre Community is an online forum for Iranian theatre professionals from around the world to meet online, engage in dialogue, learn from each other and foster collaboration.  

Persian Theatre Community III: Niloofar Beyzaie 24.04.2022, 4pm GMT. ‘How and Why: Creating Iranian Language Theatre in Germany’.
نیلوفر بیضایی 'چگونگی و چرایی کار تئاتر به زبان فارسی در آلمان، ۴ اردیبهشت‌. ساعت ۷،۳۰ شب

Persian Theatre Community II: 22.02.2022 Saeid Sharifian - From Gaze to Performance سعید شریفیان - از نگاه تا اجرا
Saman Arastoo - Theatre of the Moment. سامان ارسطو - تائتر لحظه
Mehrdad Khameneh - Directing: Profession, Artist, Social and Creative environment
مهرداد خامنه ای کارگردانی:حرفه, هنرمند, فضای خلاقه و اجتماعی

Persian Theatre Community I:
11.01.2022 ‘Bijan Sheibani Workshop’ on his theatre practice, presentation, Q&A and general discussion, with attendees including Saman Arastoo, Sam Beklik, Ghazi Rabihavi, Mehrdad Khameneh and Shirin Mirzanejad

The webinar sessions will take place at various points during the year, the subjects of the forum discussions will be selected by forum members, with invited and self-elected forum members presenting their thoughts on: writing, directing, acting, stage design, lighting, sound, theatre management, monetary aspects of theatre production, new audiences and modes of outreach, varied approaches and processes in production of theatre around the world and the implications on output and artist/audience experience, amongst other elements of theatre practice in the 21st Century. All sessions include a sizeable portion of time for general discussion.