Soroush Lashkary’s (Hichkas) lyrics have been translated with due respect to the fine nuances in different languages which cannot always be transmitted.

Killing fields (Arab, R, Hichkas)

If I am a soldier 
My killing fields have grown
If I am a tailor
Threads of gold, many and bold
If I am a sailor
Seas so rough as never before
If I am a spy
Secrets many fold to behold
If I am a tinker
Little to do everything's bought new

Hichkas lyrics translated by roya ...

I closed my eyes 
From the skies to under the rug
The stars were shining
And the moon gave hope
Of wings and flight
Mourning and woe no longer around
Eyes not water-filled
Everyone makes everyone happy
Water’s pure again
They drink and make merry with joy
The kids of Africa who slept thirsty
Again last night
What you dealing with?
Nuts and bolts
Do you change gears
To make the weeks go by
Or RPG, flames, unjust war
Do you behead?
There’s noise
Cannon and sparklers
Blood and rattles
Smoke, earthquakes
Force and joyous sound
Money and dynasties
Listen and give your heart
They force war on you
Give discounts on guns and swords
Gather round, I wanna say something
To warm up your heart
After all this torture and denigration
I will create an image
Make you say wow
That hit the spot
Ray of sunshine on the back street tree
Food in your backpack
Sandwich - on it pickles
You wanna go to the seaside
Strip and dive in
Loads of flowers strewn all around you
You’ve grown wings
And fallen is your fluff
You don’t want time to go forth
Just sit by the beach
Glance at the sea
Till you’re fulfilled
Whispers the breeze in your ears
Sweet sleep touches your skin
Reaches your feet to caress
Till tiredness leaves your soul
Best when you put
Your foot on the gas pedal
You just wanted to go
From all people get afar
All those you defended
Didn’t evoke you
Do you have any senses left 
Even your shout
Is to no avail
They give you objects
Metal and substance
Once you’re attached
They show you how to lease it
Governments shape you
The devil they make angel
Family means nothing
You are 20 and look 40
For it’s governments
That form your face.