I wrote this in Paris and London. Dear Leader is the electronic version
with Mahdyar Aghajani and Dear Leaders is my rewrite on the piano.

Dear Leader/s (Arab, R. Aghajani, M)

Shall I dance for you 
Shall I pray for you
Will you sew flowers for me
Pick petals pour over me?
Shall I create for you 
Shall I weave for you
A divine divan of dreams 
For to feast and life behold?
Will you stop hurting me
Feeding my fears and scaring me?

Hidden on rooftops 
Shouting my discontent of you!

Do you hear us 
When in stone 
You carve our tomorrows?

Do you think of us 
When with your inward policies 
You alienate our friends?

Do you care for us? 
Do you care for us?
Do you care for us?

Shall I slay for you
Shall I paint for you
A mirage of blood red 
Etched of my pain for you?