When I first met Soroush, he asked me to do a version of his seminal tune ‘Ye rooze khoob miad’. This is a translation of the edited version of his poem/rap which I turned into song.
First foray into writing music for an Iranian poem.

Ye Rooze khoob miad
(Hichkas, Aghajani. M)
A good day will come (roya piano version)
 A good day will come
No longer will we slay each other
We’ll not glance badly at another
We’ll be friends
With arms on shoulders, yeh
Like when we were kids in school
None are without work
Busy building and fixing our land
After all this blood rain
Eventually the rainbow will be found
No more skies with clouds of stone
Nor tulip crimson water in the stream
Moazen sing the azaan
God is great, misfortune afar
As far as I recall, this land always gave promise
A good day will come
Only our absent friends leave an empty place
Blood remains in the vein
Not acquainted with concrete and skies
No mother by her child’s grave will stand
By the way, when a good day comes
Maybe there’ll be nothing left
Besides our good deeds
Not broken and unsafe
Everything’s safe and sound
The sky, how beautiful
Near the grave it’s green
There’s grass
Hand of our nemeses
reacheth not our land
Don’t say where is it until tomorrow
A good day will come.